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Mayes     I     Rogers     I     Delaware     I     Craig     I     Ottawa

Gerald R. Lee's law practice represents a vast range of matters from court cases as complex as murder trials to as simple as small claims matters and just about everything in between. Mr. Lee has prepared hundreds of bankruptcy cases and has an excellent tract record of helping everyday people during their financial crisis.


Mr. Lee is very knowledgeable in helping clients plan for their future regarding their estates and final wishes. He has prepared hundreds of estate plans ranging from small simple estate plans to multi-million-dollar estate plans.

Mr. Lee does represent a few "local businesses" in the Pryor and surrounding areas, but the vast majority of his clients are ordinary everyday people that just need help.



Getting a "fresh start" financially can help turn your life around. If you are having difficulty paying your debts, facing collection activity such as lawsuits, collection calls, garnishments, etc. call for a free consultation to see if you qualify to file bankruptcy.


Family Law

When we say "Family Law" today, lawyers generally are referring to cases involving
Divorce (child custody, property and debt division, child support and alimony), Paternity, Child Custody Modification,  Visitation Rights and MORE.



Generally speaking there are two kinds of guardianship cases. Guardianships for "incapacitated" adults and guardians for children when parents consent or are determined to be "affirmative unfit" to be a custodial parent.


Estate Planning/

Wills & Trusts/Probates

There are generally two ways to distribute your property after your death. The first is to have a probate judge transfer or distribute your property. The second is to have a "trustee" distribute/or transfer your property.


Criminal Law

Criminal law is the body of law that defines criminal offenses, regulates the apprehension, charging, and trial of suspected persons, and fixes penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders.


Civil Law

There are all kinds of civil claims. Some of the different types of claims are: Land ownership claims, Condemnation (government or private taking of land), Contract Claims, Employment Related Claims, Civil Rights Violation claims, Insurance coverage claims, MORE

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Personal Injury &

Workers' Compensation

There are many types of personal injury claims such as: Workplace injuries, Automobile negligence claims, Dangerous substance injury claims, Product liability (defective equipment/machinery) claims and MORE.

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