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My mission as a general practicing attorney, is to advise clients based upon my knowledge of the applicable law, a thorough understanding of the facts of clients' cases and my experience dealing with judges in Northeast Oklahoma. Based on these three factors, I advise clients of probable outcomes of their cases. While I always ask clients what they want, sometimes clients' wishes are not likely to happen and it is my job to be frank about likely outcomes. 



All clients must know I took an oath to be honest/candid with all courts and judges. Consequently, I will never argue something that is not true or not supported by law. Client confidentiality is critically important. You can be sure my staff and I will not disclose any confidential information. I will charge fees and cost that are reasonable. Any discussion or questions regarding services, fees or costs are welcomed by all clients. After 42 years of practicing law, I am convinced the best practice for any attorney is to have timely and truthful communication with clients. 


Family Law


Estate Planning

Wills & Trusts


Criminal Law

Civil Law

Personal Injury & Workers' Comp

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